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It really is essential for a variety of industries to prohibit unauthorized usage of contents in bags. Tamper evident is actually a term used to illustrate a product or service or process that protects a physical object with seals, markings, or any other resistant techniques.

The goal of these features is always to protect the integrity of your contents and ensure that the consumer or consumer receives the bag within its intended form. Many tamper evident bags are designed to reveal when they have been inappropriately opened in order that action could be taken without delay.

This information will discuss the various types of tamper evident technology found in bags and which types are most frequently used by different industries.

Some tamper evident bags, envelopes, and labels are produced with void seals so that if the seal is removed, the phrase “void” appears which is put aside. These types of bags tend to be utilized by retailers who definitely are shipping electronics as well as other valuable goods. They are particularly useful if a warranty applies to the item contained inside of the bank deposit bags. Void seals are usually applied to packages, plastic containers, and steel drums and can stick on various surfaces.

Thermochromic Seals

Another good way to keep your contents safe and out from the wrong hands is to find tamper evident bags with thermochromic ink. This particular technology verifies the quality of a sealed package by utilizing heat to create a seal. Upon inspection from the bag, you will be able to determine seal quality and whether it really has been previously opened. It can be common for bags with thermochromic seals to become tested for quality verification with non-contact and non-destructive techniques. These types of seals can useful for those who are employed in the pharmaceutical industry, for instance.

Webbing and Gridding

Together with these seals, tamper evident deposit bags tend to be made using graphics like webbing and gridding. This kind of technology is usually utilized by people who are transferring money in the banking and retail industries. Both webbing and gridding provide extra durability and strength for transfer bags to make sure that they dexmpky08 closed and do not rip or tear to show the contents. Because of this, it’s important to find tamper evident bags with webbing or gridding should you are employed in law enforcement and they are handling evidence.

Tear Tape

Tear tape technology is normally utilized to address the danger of tampering, authentication, and product coding. Some packaging materials use tear tape since it can make it impossible to remove the tape without destroying the full package. Since it is difficult to open and reseal these packages without detection, it becomes very obvious the integrity from the bag has been compromised. This sort of technology is often utilized in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that an individual receives the drug or medical product within its original form.

Our Technology Options

Irrespective of what industry you work in, tamper evident bags play an important role in the safety, efficiency, and expense your operations. At Superior Bag, our tamper evident deposit bags come with an in-line, void tape closure to make certain proper handling and withstand extreme conditions. Meanwhile, our currency shipment bags have our patented and trademarked D-TEC Dual Seal™ closure for optimum reliability and durability. Browse through Superior Bag’s many products by industry to choose your preferred bag features and stop tampering and theft.